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Markets & Solutions


automotive electrical connectorsThe world turns on the wheels of cars and trucks, and QSR is dedicated to keeping those wheels in motion. You’ll find QSR products hard at work in electric vehicles, sports cars, farm equipment,18-wheelers, and other vehicles that crisscross the globe every day.

Since 1966, QSR has been providing precision-made electrical connectors and insulating components built to handle whatever the roads and fields have to offer. We strive to exceed expectations by partnering with customers from concept to completion — from materials development and product design assistance through manufacturing, inspection and testing in our A2LA-accredited lab. QSR also offers many special options to help streamline your production line, including overmolding of elastomers onto plastic or metal.

Through tireless research and development, QSR works hard to perfect product designs, materials, and manufacturing processes so that whatever your project requires, QSR can make it happen.

Manufacturers look to QSR for products like:

  • Cable seals
  • Insulators
  • Grommets
  • Coil-on-plugs (COP)
  • Class 3 and class 4 high temperature seals
  • Ring seals
  • And many other precision molded components


aerospace component manufacturerQSR makes elastomeric products that make the dream of flight a reality. As an aerospace component manufacturer, our connector seals, wire seals, ring seals, grommets and other products protect vital systems and electronics from the elements as passengers and cargo travel through the unforgiving conditions of the upper atmosphere.

When there is no room for error, aerospace customers turn to QSR for quality, high-precision molded components manufactured in our AS9100 certified facility. As the international management system standard for the Aircraft, Space and Defense Industry, AS9100 ensures tight documentation control, extraordinary lot traceability and performance in extreme environments.

As aerospace technology improves, so do our aerospace products. QSR is constantly innovating, researching and assisting in developing new designs for components capable of handling the temperature and pressure changes of longer, faster and higher flights. Tell us your needs, and our engineers will make your vision take flight.

Aerospace specialties include:

  • Fiber optic seals
  • Wire grommets
  • Electrical connector seals
  • Wire bundle guides
  • Wire seals


electrical connectorsQSR is at the heart of modern industry. You’ll find QSR components in mechanical systems, home appliances, marine and many other applications, protecting vital systems with precision molded components made to withstand exposure to punishing environments. These tough products are shepherded from concept through production by QSR experts who apply their extensive automotive industry knowledge to every stage in the process.

QSR supplies custom molded rubber components for these and many other industrial applications:

  • Capacitors
  • Electronic gauging
  • Chromatography
  • Scientific instrumentation



electrical connectorsQSR takes its decades of elastomeric expertise and applies it to custom molded components for a variety of consumer goods.

Manufacturers of home appliances, residential HVAC systems, packaging for personal hygiene and many other products rely on QSR’s extensive knowledge to create the perfect silicone solution that will provide reliable performance and stand up to the test of time.

QSR supplies custom molded silicone components for many consumer applications, including:

  • Home appliances
  • Personal hygiene
  • Residential HVAC

Automotive Aftermarket

electrical connectorsThe automotive industry is an integral part of the global landscape, and QSR aftermarket products play a vital role in making that industry work. For decades, QSR has created top-quality molded silicone parts capable of functioning in punishing conditions that exist under the hoods of cars around the world.

Through years of research and development, QSR has perfected capabilities for producing a wide range of products, including OEM-style ignition system insulators and COP (Coil-on-Plug) boots with robust physical properties capable of handling temperatures to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our engineers continue to develop lower-cost organic and silicone materials with greater heat-stability and tear-resistance as our customers continue to request stronger, more versatile and cost-effective products.

Aside from cutting-edge research and development, QSR offers outstanding design assistance and incredible customer service to help you see your project through from inception to production. We believe that means responding to your requests quickly, giving you the agility and speed to help you dominate markets around the world.

Manufacturers look to QSR for custom molded rubber parts and services like:

  • Coil-on-plug (COP) boots with connector springs
  • Spark plug insulators
  • Distributor insulators
  • Three-piece assemblies
  • One-piece boots
  • Boot accessories – nylon clips, heat shields
  • Sub-assembly services

To request a complete catalog, please contact us.


electrical connectorsAffordable, dependable and safe lighting has transformed our world by helping us take control of the dark, and QSR is proud to play a role in that transformation. As the sun goes down each night, QSR products go to work. In street lights from coast-to-coast, you will find our precision-made silicone seals protecting the integrity of the electrical systems and wiring that keep the darkness at bay, come rain or shine. In residential lighting and industrial megawatt installations, our precision molded parts are sealing connections between wires, insulating key systems and locking the elements out of sensitive lighting applications.

For decades, QSR products have kept cars, trucks and other vehicles mobile, and now we apply all that experience and expertise to the lighting industry. Our cable seals and electrical connectors are the end result of decades spent tirelessly researching and developing, creating new and better materials and manufacturing processes for our customers. From the drawing board, through prototyping and testing and into production, QSR is the all-in-one place for rubber sealing in lighting applications. Let us take your specifications to the next level.

Lighting manufacturers come to QSR for:

  • Electrical connector sealing products
  • Industrial sealing products
  • Enclosure seals


electrical connectorsAs the demand for alternative energy sources grows, so does the need for more economical ways to harness, store and utilize solar power. At QSR, we support this effort by providing cost-effective elastomeric connector seal and overmolded part solutions that reduce assembly time and stand up to a constant, punishing onslaught of heat and UV energy from the sun.

QSR’s decades of experience in mobility have prepared us to produce pieces that are up to the task. Our customers’ needs are constantly evolving in this developing industry, and our engineers are working to help them create new and more durable products to meet ever-increasing needs. QSR’s polymer products are proven solutions for blocking out rain, dust and other particles while maintaining structural integrity in the toughest conditions, and they are ideal for protecting your solar equipment, now and in the future.

QSR supplies custom rubber parts for these and other solar applications:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Residential and commercial solar lighting systems

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