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Enabling a Greener, Safer & More Connected World

Elastomeric sealing solutions for safeguarding harsh environment connectivity

When Precision Matters

A global leader in Electrical Connector Sealing (ECS) and Ignition Insulating, QSR offers a diverse portfolio of mission-critical elastomeric solutions designed to safeguard electrical connections in even the toughest environments.

Decades of knowledge, along with world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities in silicone and other rubbers, ensure your precision-molded components will perform and endure.

Unsurpassed Vertical Integration

Manufacturing and delivery of the best products on-time and within budget starts with engineer-to-engineer collaboration. QSR engineers partner with your team throughout the product lifecycle, providing turnkey design for manufacturability.

Laboratory flask

Material Science

Fully-accredited A2LA laboratory excels at developing and testing proprietary formulas.

electrical connector seals

Engineering and DFM

Engineering experts work with your team to define requirements, optimize outputs, and prove-out designs in our A2LA accredited lab.

electrical connector seals
Mold development

Mold Development

Dedicated QSR engineers and technicians use the latest software and machining technologies to produce molds designed for excellent quality and optimal efficiency.

SIGMASOFT simulation


The QSR technical team applies their expertise in developing customized, high-volume, hands-free production systems that save time and improve quality.

electrical connector seals


Sophisticated manufacturing centers in key locations across the globe produce intricate silicone and other elastomeric parts via Liquid Injection, HCR Transfer, and Overmolding of multiple material types.

electrical connector seals

Quality Process

Proactive quality processes and systems with a focus on zero defects ensure output of excellent parts, every time.

electrical connector seals

Products that Perform

With the latest product design and manufacturing technologies, QSR engineers solutions that bring unmatched quality, satisfying a wide range of client needs.

Electrical Connector Sealing

Performance-optimized electrical sealing products offer tight environmental protection and effective shielding.


Ignition Insulation

Insulation products including Coil-On-Plug, Pencil Coils, 3-Piece Assemblies and Traditional Harness applications.


Industrial Sealing

Sealing solutions that withstand exposure to highly corrosive and caustic environments.


Custom Molded Solutions

Superior products for nearly every industry and environment that uses rubber components for sealing, dampening, isolating and shielding.


Markets and Solutions

QSR applies decades of automotive experience to producing custom molded electrical connector sealing and insulating solutions for a diverse range of markets.


Strategic Global Locations

QSR partners with customers around the world from locations strategically selected to provide regional, best-in-class service, quality, and delivery.

North America

Serving Blue-Chip Customers Across the Globe

  • Global Headquarters
  • North American Engineering Center
  • Manufacturing Centers of Excellence
Location Details


Serving Mexico, Central and South America with Expanded Capabilities

  • Engineering and Development
  • Manufacturing Center of Excellence
Location Details


Serving Asia and Europe with Full-Service Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Engineering and Development
  • Manufacturing Center of Excellence
  • Technical Sales
Location Details


Germany Technical Sales Location Serving Europe

Location Details

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